How to work out the size you will need


Measure babys ‘Wingspan’ going from middle of back to
finger tips, then double it to get your Wingspan Measurement.

Size 3-6months Wingspan 60-65cm
Size 6-9months Wingspan 65-70cm
Size 9-12months Wingspan 70-78cm
Size 12-18months WingSpan 78-86cm
Size 18-24months WingSpan 86-94cm
Size 2-3years WingSpan 94-102cm
Size 3-4years WingSpan 102-110cm
Size 4-5years WingSpan 110-118cm

Note:  If you measure closer to the widest wingspan eg; 65cm (size 3-6months) or 70cm (6-9months) purchase the next size up!

Want this fixed???  Of course you do!

mittensleeve_head2 mittensleeve_head1

Cohen 4months with scratched Cradle Cap and Cohen at 8months with scratched Eczema

And here’s Cohen at 10months old, not a scratch in sight!!

Mitten Sleeves

“Itch without a scratch”


A baby friendly product for scratchy babies!

Designed and manufactured in NZ, by Jack & Abby

Great design for parents to put on and take off easily

“99% Kid Proof” they’d have to be a real Houdini to get this off!

Soft Fabric (93% Cotton/7%Spandex) that’s ‘suck’ friendly

Wash/Dry Friendly

Can be worn all by itself, or over a singlet/short
sleeve bodysuit, day or night & 24/7!

No itchy labels

Available at a great price and is super effective!