I got one of your mitten sleeves at the Parent and Child Show. It has been so great. My 11 month old is definitely a scratcher and since releasing her from the swaddle I’ve been trying everything to stop the sleeptime scratches. The mitten sleeve is PERFECT! She can even still ‘scratch’ through the material for relief but not actually hurt herself. I wish I had brought more at the Show! Thanks for an awesome new product.


Absolutely amazing. My Daughter loved the arms up swaddles and grow wing as she loved sucking her hands and through the fabric. But attempts to transition her out of these failed. We soon realised that she loved sucking the fabric and having her hands covered to sleep – these mitten wings were the perfect solution! My daughter loves these so much, she will go get her mittens if she is tired and will instantly settle to sleep once they are on. Magic at daycare too!


Rotorua (Review from The Sleep Store)

Best product ever for itchy kids… Jack & Abby Mitten Sleeves have changed our household, bubby is not covered in blood ever morning and we get some sleep!!! Thank you so much for inventing a product that actually works and works fast!!



Yes, yes, yes!!!! The sleeves are working! My 5mth old son has severe eczema (we have been in hospital, it’s that bad) and it is so distressing to go into his room and find a bloodbath. He scratches his face like nothing on earth and while he still can in the sleeves he can’t break the skin anymore. I was using umpteen pairs of socks but he could get them off. I have ordered 2 more pairs! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!



I bought these for my daughter who loved sucking on her wrap as a small baby. (hated dummies) We transitioned her to sleeping bags when she started rolling, but she scratched her face and seemed to miss sucking on the fabric which previously covered her hands. I saw these and thought they would be the perfect solution. She loves them and still uses them at 15 months. They have never come off and wash/wear really well. They’re now my favourite product on the sleep store 🙂


Adelaide (Review from The Sleep Store)

Thank you so much for my new Mitten Sleeves – I love them because I can still play with my Kinetic Sand!!


Mitten sleeves means I am a happy mum. Though they’re in the wash at the moment and he got upset which seems to aggravate his eczema, and clawed his face up 🙁 🙁 some days you just wanna cry. Will have to buy some more yesterday!!



Jack & Abby Mitten Sleeves… they work like Magic!!! Best product ever, I have shared your website with friends and family… even the Plunket Nurse has raved about them!!


St Johns

I just ordered and received some sleeves and I would love some more – ASAP, they are brilliant!